You drive electric.  We drive down the cost.

You qualify for thousands in EV incentives that take months to recoup.  With an EV Climate Loan, we apply your incentives upfront as a down payment on your loan so you can start saving the moment you drive off the lot.

Save up to $200/mo on any new electric car.

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How the EV Climate Loan works

Step 1
Maximize your EV incentives

We qualify you for thousands in EV rebates & incentives, so you don’t leave any money on the table.

Step 2
Save up to $200/month

Instead of waiting months to recoup incentives, we apply them upfront to lower your monthly payment

Step 3
Drive happy. Save Big.

Reduce your carbon emissions by up to 80%. Save over $1,000/year on fuel & maintenance.

Let’s do the math

The following sample terms are based on a 2020 Hyundai Kona with $2,500 cash down
at 2.59% prime interest rate on a 60 month loan.

Dealer Loan

EV Climate Loan*

Principal $30,025 $19,725
Total Interest $2,015 $1,335 (Save $680)
You Pay $534/mo $351/mo (Save $183/mo)

*EV incentives are estimated at $10,300 and used as an additional down payment to lower the principal. Actual incentives may vary. Total Interest and monthly payment reflects vehicle financing charges only. Additional finance charges associated with the EV Climate Loan will apply.

Frequently Asked (Finance) Questions

  • How does the EV Climate Loan save me money?

    Most EV incentives  come in the form of tax credits and rebates. You’ll receive them after you purchase your car, but they’ll take 12-18 months to recoup. With the EV Climate Loan, we pre-qualify you for thousands of dollars in post-purchase EV incentives and use them as an upfront down payment on your loan. This can lower your loan payment by up to $200/month.

    As you recoup your rebates and incentives, you pay them back at zero interest.

  • What type of lenders administer EV Climate Loans?

    When you apply for an EV Climate Loan, we pre-qualify your EV Incentives and match you with the best loan terms from financial partner banks, credit unions, & carmaker finance.  Then you choose which partner you want to finance your loan with.

  • What types of interest rates are available?

    Because we can offer EV Climate Loans through banks, credit unions, carmaker finance, you could expect interest rates comparable to what you see in the car market.  In some cases, interest rates can be as low as 0%.

    The advantage of using the EV Climate Loan is that we use your EV incentives to lower your monthly payments by up to $200 per month.

  • Is it possible to get an EV Climate Loan through my car dealer or credit union?

    Yes, we have relationships with carmakers, banks, and credit unions.  If you have a preferred lender not on our list, we are open to reaching out to new lenders are your behalf. 

    To get started, pre-qualify for an EV Climate Loan (above) or email to learn more.

  • How are my EV Climate Loan terms determined?

    Your terms are based on your credit history, individual income, and the price of the vehicle you’re financing.

  • If I have bad credit scores, can I still finance an EV Climate Loan?

    Yes, it’s possible to qualify for an EV Climate Loan, even with bad credit.  We encourage you to apply.

  • Do you have a question not answered here?

    Email us at!