Hi, we’re here to connect you with opportunities to build a safer, more sustainable world.

(Electric cars are the first step.)

About EV Life

Transportation is the biggest contributor to climate change in the United States.  For the average American, driving a gas car represents over 25% of an individual’s carbon footprint.*  To avoid catastrophic climate change, we need most drivers to switch to electric vehicles by 2030.

At EV Life, we’re on a mission to make it easy for drivers to finance an electric car that saves them money and the planet.  We’re building an EV Climate Loan to empower drivers to apply their EV incentives upfront as a down payment on a loan, saving them up to $200/month on financing.  Once on the road, EV drivers reduce their carbon emissions by up to 80% and save over $1,000/year on fuel & maintenance.

Our Story

In 2019, our team of friends and former co-workers came together to ask why electric car adoption is lagging.  Driving an EV is one of the most impactful things you can do to help reverse climate change, they’re safer to drive, and reduce your fuel & repair costs by over $1000 a year.  So why do only 2% of Americans drive them?

As we shopped for EVs, we found switching from gas to electric required countless hours of disjointed research.  The upfront cost of EVs was also 30-50% higher than comparable gas cars.  Many Americans qualify for $10,000 or more in incentives, but they don’t reduce the upfront costs, are complex to verify, and take up to 18 months to recoup.  We saw a problem worth solving.

We developed our first product at a Techstars Startup Weekend in Folsom, won First Place, and kept on building tools to accelerate EV adoption.

Today, we’re building an EV Climate Loan to empower drivers to apply their EV incentives upfront as a down payment on a loan so they can start saving from the moment they drive off the lot.  We’re building this platform thanks to a grant from the California Energy Commission.

(We also offer tools to make it easier to shop for EVs like vehicle search, charger recommendations, and calculators for range & incentives.)

Leadership Team

Kevin Favro
Co-Founder, Product, Engineering & Business Development
Peter Glenn
Peter Glenn
Co-Founder, Marketing & Business Development
In Cognito
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Our Partners

Our partners help us drive the future of clean energy forward together.  Want to explore a partnership?  Email us at hello@evlife.co.

Press & Speaking Opportunities

Interested in press contacts, speaking opportunities, or something else?  Email peter@evlife.co.

* The “average American” emits 4.6 metric tons of CO2/year in a gasoline passenger vehicle and emits a total of around 16 metric tons of CO2/year.   Therefore, driving a gas car represents 27% of an average American’s carbon footprint.