At EV Life, we connect people with opportunities to build a safer, more sustainable world, starting with electric cars.

We’ve learned a lot from talking with hundreds of customers during a pandemic:

– “Electric cars are too expensive.”
– “Gas prices are going to kill electric car sales.”
– “Don’t expect a green stimulus as long as Trump is President.”

We’ve also discovered some good news:
Recessions are constraints that inspire innovation.

Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft were born from a desire to share costs during the Recession of 2008.

The home mortgage and the auto loan were invented to restart the economy in the Great Depression of the 1930s by breaking costs into payments that most people could afford.

If we want to preserve clean air, reverse climate change, and build a safer, more sustainable world, we know one thing is true:

Your next car needs to be electric.

Today, EV Life is launching a new product to make your next car electric:
The EV Climate Loan

We pre-qualify you for thousands of dollars in federal, state, and local rebates and incentives. Then we turn your incentives into a down payment to make your loan smaller.

Most people save more than $200/month on their car payments.

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