We’ve completely reimagined EV Life’s vehicle page design to help you shop for electric cars, understand charging, plan trips, estimate incentives, and save $200/mo on an EV Climate Loan—all in one place.   

(A special thanks to Marc Favro for being our guest Design Lead for this redesign! We couldn’t have done this without you, Marc.)

Here’s a quick update on everything we’ve added this month.

EV Life makes it easier to find and finance your electric car.

No need to spend countless hours cobbling together information across multiple websites and car dealerships.  We’ve got you covered with EV Life’s new vehicle pages.

Save on Dealer Pricing and EV Climate Loans

Use TrueCar’s Average Market Price to save an average of $2,000 or more at the dealership with real-time market data.

Then you can save up to $200/mo on financing when you apply for our EV Life Climate Loan.  (Savings on financing are based on the EV incentives you qualify for.)

Home Charging

Get recommendations about the best chargers for each vehicle and how to install them. 

Public Charging

With new charging maps, you can find the fastest charging options near your home or workplace.

Calculate Your Range

See how your EV would recharge on your next road trip.

Then calculate how much charging you’ll need on your weekly commute.

Verify Your Savings

EV rebates and incentives are complicated.  What cars get the federal tax credit, state rebates, and carpool lane stickers?

We make it easy for you to get a personalized quote on your incentives and perks—all in seconds.

Imagine Your Life in an EV

Get a personalized snapshot of what your EV life could look like based on your vehicle and zip code.

Ready to give these updates a test drive?

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